Senior Consultant Solicitor

Sangeeta is a business owner and a Senior Consultant Solicitor for Allard Bailey Family Law. She is based in the UK and advises clients in all areas of their wealth management needs. She has been in the legal industry for over 10 years and has taken up a variety of roles including the management of a busy private practice and the training and mentoring of young aspiring lawyers. In her role, Sangeeta also spends time in working to educate people on the importance of succession planning and pays particular attention to the empowerment and financial independence of women. She is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and sits on their membership panel.

 In additions to her daily practice, she volunteers as in-house Counsel for an international faith-based charity advising them across all remits of their legal needs and is a school governor at a local high school

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REv.Tope Popoola

Global Leadership Mentor and Coach

He is An alumnus of the Building State Capability program of the Harvard University Centre for International Development. Tope is also a 1989 alumnus of the Very Important Personality (VIP) program of the U.S.I.A. He is also an alumnus of the University of Stellenbosch program on Futurism in Business. He speaks regularly on Leadership, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and consults for several organizations on these issues. He is also a Life Coach to several corporate executives.

He is an author and has written and published several books. His publications, “LIVING INTENTIONALLY” (published 2009), “FIRST THINGS FIRST – How To Live A Life of Priorities” and “THE LEADERPRENEUR” as well as his recent one “LEADERSHIP IS FOR THE DEAD”, have been rated very highly as veritable Leadership and Personal Development tools.

In 2006, he was the Keynote Speaker at the Cherokee County (Georgia, USA) celebration of the American National Day of Prayer, the first African to have been given such honour. He has been instrumental in the training of leaders from over 40 countries. He serves on the International Faculty of Haggai International, a leadership training institute with campuses in Asia and Hawaii, USA, where he teaches on the subject of Leadership.
In February 2009, he was one of the prominent Nigerian dignitaries invited along with many other prominent people from various parts of the world for the Annual Prayer Breakfast with the then newly elected President of the USA, Barack Obama.

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