Systemic Leadership: How To Leverage The Power Of A Strategic Approach To Diversity by John Welsh

In April 2019, one of our esteemed mentors, Antonio Belgrave gave an interesting insight into strategic leadership in an article by John Welsh.

''Antonio Belgrave’s consultancy, Positive Deviant, considers difference, system, perspective, and relationship as key to using diversity to drive performance in organizations. His guiding principles include


  • create experiences that get people thinking in new ways,

  • look for what’s working already especially where you least expect it,

  • solutions are everywhere and often lie with unusual suspects and

  • have powerful allies among all stakeholders.

“To this mix, much love and understanding must be added because the challenge around diversity is complex and the possibility of a clash of perspective is real.”

What example can you give? “I used positive deviance with a pharmaceutical contract research organization. The introduction of a new system to capture data from clinical trial records was not going very well.”

Positive deviance is based on the premise that within every community there is always one individual who is able to outperform their peers by doing things slightly differently.

Belgrave, who specializes in organization development, asked leaders if there were parts of the organization where implementation had gone well. They found a team getting great results in tackling the implementation in a simple, new way.''

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