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IIntensive Screenwriting Lab for Beginners:

This 4 week screenwriting lab is intended for anyone with an interest in learning how to write a screenplay.


This intensive lab will explore a variety of techniques all leading to the creation of your very own unique short film script. 

No experience necessary! 

Course start: May 25th 2021

End Date: June 15th 2021

Course Tutor: Julian Alexander


Julian is a filmmaker, educator, and performer born and raised in Norfolk, VA before moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico. After a film internship in London in 2009 with LutiMedia, Julian realized this passion of his is a possible and attainable career. This inspired him to continue creating films and stage productions, producing dozens of films throughout his collegiate career at New Mexico State University before taking a seat in the director’s chair for his first short film Buffalo in 2014 starring Craig Tate (Twelve Years A Slave, Snowfall) about the Buffalo Soldiers premiering in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival.

Julian obtained a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Northern Film School in Leeds, UK, culminating with two short films, Léo has screened around the globe, winning multiple film festivals and was nominated for Best Post Graduate Film at the Royal Television Awards, and Beat Blue, A police drama all in rhyme starring Lana Young (Southpaw, Ambitions) featured at multiple Oscar-qualifying film festivals.

Julian has written, directed, and starred in a multiple award-winning phone-based web series produced by London based production company Story Island Productions, titled Bad JuJu, about a rapper navigating his career in New Mexico. Most recently his film Layla, At Last, funded by the Sharjah Art Foundation shot in Spain and Morocco. When he is not leading a film set, Julian is leading a classroom as a professor. Julian is now working towards his PhD from the University of East London producing films using rap as the main storytelling instrument. 

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