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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Work with any of our seasoned mentors and let your dreams come alive. And in the process also get the chance to be a part of our extraordinary community.





Mentorship is a key proponent of growth, but one of the most difficult tools to have. Getting the right mentorship at the right time in your journey can make your life and journey way better. At MentorX we provide expert solutions mentorship by connecting you with experts whose desire to mentor the next generation of leaders is a priority.


 sidi saccoh

Sidi has years of experience working in operations and project management, as an entrepreneur and a business strategist who have benefitted tremendously in mentorship from some of the best mentors from multiple international platforms, he understands the need for sound mentorship and the effect that has in both personal and global growth.

Sidi bring his experience in operations and business strategy to the team as he curates a pathway for effective delivery of Mentor X-Africa mentorship programs.

Dr. alfred mbeteh

Alfred has combined experience from research, teaching, publication, providing
advice to businesses and full-time entrepreneurs, running and owning businesses within the context of the UK and Sierra Leone.


Alfred is a highly recognized mentor, researcher, lecturer and business strategist whose experience has helped his students and client experience astronomical growth within a very short period of time, he holds a Ph.D. in Business (Entrepreneurship) -University of West London

OUR partners


A private sector development, value chain, market systems and agribusiness development expert with distinctive entrepreneurial instincts and proven strengths in providing business analysis, solutions, direction, capacity and adaptable strategies that have carried many businesses (of all sizes) in Sierra Leone through steady and continuous growth. Hamid is currently the SME TA Facility Manager a world bank/MTI/MAF project.




At De VICTORS we strongly believe that everyone is born with some talents or skills which can be further developed. 

We also believe that any skill can be learnt. It is like riding a bicycle or driving a car. If you can do it; you can learn to do anything!

We are strongly committed to help you in this process! 

InvestMe SL

InvestMe Sl create a unique platform and relationship between investors and entrepreneurs. Investme run a very strategic BDS service structured to provide professional support for SMEs.

SaS Consult

At SAS consult, we are experts in providing Business Development services. With years working in building ecosystems and consulting with international organizations in providing effective business solutions for small-medium enterprises owner, SAS consult is a household name in Sierra Leone

“Our chief wants in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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