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Your Full Potential.

Work with any of our seasoned mentors and let your dreams come alive. And in the process also get the chance to be a part of our extraordinary community.


Our Services

Mentorship is a key proponent of growth, but one of the most difficult tools to have. Getting the right mentorship at the right time in your journey can make your life and journey way better. At Mentor X-Africa we provide expert solutions mentorship by connecting you with experts whose desire to mentor the next generation of leaders is a priority.



With our network of highly recognised and professional mentors, we provide free mentorship opportunity across different fields for people in the African community.


Master Classes

We provide and deliver high-level masterclasses delivered by renowned experts and professionals. Check with us to find out how you can attend our next master class.


We leverage the incredible expertise we have within our community to help deliver sophisticated projects, build institutional mentorship programs, and execute on behalf of our clients across the African continent. Let us know how we can support you. 

Events and Seminars

From time to time, we host high-powered events bringing together, experts, global speakers, students, and professionals.


“Mentor X-Africa is truly a platform set to revolutionise and greatly impact the future growth of the African Continent. Pairing mentees with appropriate mentors will go a long way in ensuring that all growth-minded individuals receive the support they require.”

Othman Abdulrasheed

OUR partners

Meet some of our partners

Our partners continue to support our journey to changing the world through mentorship. They are experts in their respective sectors and are highly recommended for business.


ACACS is the responsible department within the structure of the University of Sierra Leone, that is responsible for advising, counseling, and mentoring students of the University 

Visit them here>


De VICTORS has a dedicated team passionately sharing the secret of success in order to enable you live your dreams.

De VICTORS are experts in the 3D (Discover, Develop and Deploy) visit them here

SaS Consult

At SAS consult, we are experts in providing Business Development services. With years working in building ecosystems and consulting with international organizations in providing effective business solutions for small-medium enterprises owner, SAS consult is a household name in Sierra Leone

SaS Consult

RKK Empire (Aquilinaworld)Limited specializes in management consultancy, coaching, mentoring, arts & creative sector; with the aim to help businesses and individuals become more professional, efficient, and productive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Vist them here

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